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Unable to access Notes created by Other Users in Report

Knowledge Article Number 000240353
Description When a User runs a report on SNotes and when all the Notes created by all users are not visible in report, it means that those Notes created by other users are not shared with the user who is running report.

Users will be able to access Notes only which they created and the ones Shared with them.
Resolution You can only view All Notes including Notes created by other users only if users have shared their Notes with you. Though the System Adminintrator  has the permission to see all the information, they will not be able to see the Notes of others in the report untill it is shared with them.

Users can share their Notes created by following the below steps:
Login as the user who is the owner note

Below is follow In click path to share the Notes: 

1. Login as the user who is the owner of the note
2. Click on record in which you have created the notes .
         a) Select the note related list
         b) Select the particular note

         c) Click on note sharing and setting and share with user who want to see the note in the report .

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