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Rich Text Area Field displaying hyphen (dash) '-' value in Reports, but is not empty

Knowledge Article Number 000240357
Description When running a Report, if a field is empty, this will be represented with a hyphen (dash) '-'.

Sometimes you might see this hyphen for Rich Text  Area fields, although the length of the field is not zero. This is working as designed, 
Resolution When you have a Rich Text Area field, you might have a second field, which you use to show how many characters are stored in that field. You can use a Workflow (formula with LEN function) or APEX to do so. The number shown will be the count of characters, including the code to format the text.

For example: a field which in the background only contains:
Will have a length of 4, but since the field has no text to show us, will be shown as a hyphen (dash) '-' on the report.

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