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Workflow to send an Email Alert from related Contact's email on Lead

Knowledge Article Number 000240392
Description If you have a Lookup field on the Lead object for Contact and you want an Email Alert to be sent to the related Contact from the Lead record then here is the procedure to achieve this.
Resolution Emails can only be sent to the Email Fields residing on the record via Workflow Rule + Email Alert. If the Email field is on the Contact record, we need to bring this email field to Lead record in order to use the same in Workflow Rule Email Alert.

First, we need to create an Email field on the Lead object. Here is the click path:
1. ​Click Setup | Customize | Leads | Fields
2. Click New
3. Select the field data type: Email
4. Enter the field Label as Contact Email (Contact_Email__c)

Now, we will build the Workflow Rule + Field Update. Here are the steps:
Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules

a. Click New Rule
b. Select the object: Leads
c. Enter the rule name: Email alert for related contact
d. Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and everytime it's edited
e. Rule Criteria: Formula evaluates to true
f. Formula: AND(NOT(ISBLANK(Contact_Email__c)), ISCHANGED(Contact_Email__c))
g. Click Save & Next
h. Under Immediate Workflow Actions, click on Add Workflow Action and select Field Update
i. Enter the unique name as "Update Contact Email"
j. Object Lead
k. Field to Update: Lead: Contact Email
l. Select Use a Formula to Set the New Value from under the section Specify New Field Value
m. Click on Show Formula Editor
n. Formula: Contact__r.Email
o. Click Save

After setting up field update, we will create the Email Alert to the same workflow.

         2. Again click on Add Workflow Action
a. Select Email Alert
b. Enter the description like Email Alert to Contact
c. Select the desired Email Template
            d. In Recepient Type select - Email Field. You would get the Email : Contact Email is listed in Available Recepients section.
                Select the same and add it to Selected Recepients section.
e. Click on Save
f. Click Done
g. Click Activate
This way we can send the Email Alert to the related Contact from the Lead record.

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