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How to Install and Configure the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA)

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Description Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is 3rd party application built in collaboration with partners and customers. HEDA is an open-source data architecture tailored specifically for Higher Ed.

Resolution The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is a community-driven data architecture designed to help educational institutions use Salesforce out-of-the-box.

Built in collaboration with our partners and customers, the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) provides the foundation for your connected campus, and empowers institutions of all sizes to connect with students, alumni, faculty, and staff in new ways. As an open data architecture, built on top of the Salesforce Platform, HEDA allows you to add any applications and custom functionality you might need.

What are the Requirements to install HEDA?
  • The only requirement is that your organization is using an Enterprise or Unlimited Edition of Salesforce. HEDA can be installed in your Sandbox and Production instance of Salesforce.
  • You can also install HEDA in a 30 day trial version of Salesforce. To do this click on the link below to start your trial:

How to install HEDA

Below is the link with information on how to install and configure HEDA for your instance of Salesforce.!#assignlayouts


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