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Live Agent Maintenance information

Knowledge Article Number 000240408
Description What kind of maintenance impacts Live Agent?

We have two major types of Live Agent maintenance:

Planned System Maintenance: 

When maintenance is scheduled, the specific timing and service availability expected will be communicated in advance of the maintenance window. This information will be posted to (noted in purple) and communicated to administrators via email*. 

Please Note: If emergency system maintenance is required, customers may be notified less than one (1) week in advance.

Service Maintenance: 

Service Maintenances are used to deliver ad hoc service updates. Where possible, this work is conducted during off-peak hours and without downtime; however, customers may notice a brief disruption as agents and active chats are re-connected to the servers not undergoing maintenance. All agents and chats are immediately reconnected, but this brief disruption will be seen by agents and customers. 

Given the limited impact to customers, service maintenance windows will not be posted to Trust or proactively communicated to administrators. 

*Salesforce Product & Service Notifications are sent via email to administrators (identified as users with the Manage all users, Modify all data permissions) for your organization.


 How long will agents and chats be disconnected?

When agents and chats are disconnected due to service maintenance, they will immediately reconnect. Users should not see any appreciable duration of disruption.


Will customers be reconnected to the same agent?

We cannot guarantee that all chats will be reconnected to the same agent.

NOTE: We plan all service maintenance activities off-peak based on geo location to minimize disruption. If your companies business hours are during off-peak geo hours (eg your company is on a server in EU but you're business hours are during APAC) you should consider having your org migrated to an APAC server.

In addition, Omni Channel and SOS will be impacted by Live Agent service maintenance, as they both reside on the Live Agent servers. 

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