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How to export AccountHistory

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Description How can I export my Account History information?

Want to export the Account History information from my org.

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Available in: both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience
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There can be two ways to export your Account History from your Org.

First Way :

1) Go to Accounts Tab in Home Page.
2) Scroll to the bottom of Accounts Page and Under Reports Related List click on Account History Report
3) Customize report according to your requirement and Click on Run Report  button
Click on "Export details" button and choose file type as .csv
And your file will be downloaded with Account History information.


1) Click on Reports Tab
2) Click on "New Report" button
3) On First page of Report Wizard >> Select Report Type >> Click on Accounts & Contacts folder
4) Under Accounts & Contacts folder List find "Account History" option . Select that option and Click Next button at bottom of page.
5) In next page you can customize the report as per your requirement like Drag and drop to add fields to the report from left panel

Second Way :

You can use Data Loader to export Account History directly in a csv file .

1) Open Data Loader
2) Click Export or Export All. These commands can also be found in the File menu.
3) Enter your Salesforce username and password. Click Log in to log in. After your log in completes successfully, click Next. (Until you log out or close the program, you will not be asked to log in again.)
4) Choose AccountHistory object. If your object name does not display in the default list, check "Show all objects" to see a complete list of objects that you can access.
5) Click Browse... to select the CSV file to which the data will be exported.
6) Click Next.
7) Create a SOQL query for the data export. For example, check Id and Name in the query fields and click Finish. Or Choose the fields you want to export and Optionally, select conditions to filter your data set.
9) A progress information window reports the status of the operation.
10) After the operation completes, a confirmation window summarizes your results. Click View Extraction to view the CSV file, or click
OK to close.  

Third way :
1) You can use Data Export Service under Setup
2) Check on "EntityHistory" or choose "Include all data"
 Once export is ready you can download the zip file in your local disk and find EntityHistory.csv file which will contain AccountHistory information too. When you open then file you would be able to find a column name as
which will contain associated object name against which History is listed . You can add a filter on this column to show only Accounts History . To do that press Ctrl+Shift+L Keys from your keyboard and choose account in "ParentSobjectType" column. You can either copy the filtered data in separate file and analyze.

In order to enable field history tracking on Account so that you can see the change in values as old value and new value in reports You need to follow below mentioned steps:

1. Click your name > Setup > Customize > Opportunity > Fields > Set History Tracking
2. Enable Field History > Choose Amount
3. Save.

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