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Cannot open Excel file exported via Report export after Microsoft Office update on July 12th 2016

Knowledge Article Number 000240427

On July 12th, 2016, Microsoft released a security update for Office which caused files downloaded from several websites (including Salesforce) to generate errors when opened.

Impact to Salesforce files

Salesforce files downloaded via "Printable View" and "Export Details" generate a "file is corrupt and cannot be opened" error when opened.

Microsoft has released a patch to fix the problem for "Export Details" (download Microsoft's software patch here), but "Printable View" exports are still subject to the error. We're continuing to work with Microsoft to correct that issue. 
Please see related Known Issue linked below for updates to the issue with Printable View:



Fix "Export Details" file access errors

To open files created via Export Details, install Microsoft's latest Office update (download Microsoft's software patch here). If you're unable to install the patch, try one of the workarounds listed later in this article.


Fix "Printable View" file access errors

Even with Microsoft's latest Office software patch, files exported via "Printable View" still generate the error.
The only current workaround is export via "Export Details" and use the solutions or workarounds offered for that export method in this article. Please see related Known Issue linked below for updates to the issue with Printable View:


Workarounds for "Export Details" if you're unable to install Microsoft's latest Office software patch

​We have identified four workarounds as options for opening exported reports in Excel until you are able to install the Microsoft patch linked above.

Keep in mind, Salesforce cannot advise on the settings or applied patches for Microsoft products. Please work with your internal IT department to determine the best course of action for users within your organization.


Change the export file format to "Comma Delimited .csv"

Note: Exported .csv files do not contain the formatting found in .xls files. Please review your exported file to ensure it meets your needs.

1. Run your report.
2. Click Export Details.
3. Change the export file format to Comma Delimited .csv.
4. Click Export.


Unblock access in File Properties

1. Right click on the file, select Properties.
2. On the General tab, click Unblock.
3. Click OK.


Disable the Protected View setting within Excel

1. Open Microsoft Excel.
2. Select File | Options.
3. From the menu on the left, click Trust Center.
4. Click the Trust Center Settings button
5. Click Protected View.
6. Deselect Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet.
7. Click OK, then click OK.


Remove this specific Microsoft update from the local computer

If none of these workarounds work for you, you can uninstall the original patch which caused the issue as a last resort. If you have questions about how to remove the patch, please consult Microsoft's support.

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