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Auto Response Rules Not Sending But Debug Logs Show They Fired

Knowledge Article Number 000240433
Description Users may notice that with Deliverability set to All Emails, cases created via Email-to-Case are not sending out the Auto Response email to the contact.  If Email logs show no emails going out at all, and debug logs indicate that the Auto Response rule was met, the expectation is that the email should have sent. To troubleshoot further, the admin can try to send an email manually by using the "Send an Email" button on the Emails related list. Be sure to select the same template used in the Auto Response rule, and address it to the same email address as the individual who should be receiving the Auto Response email.

This will be 'simulating' the Auto Response process, but in the UI. What can happen is that you will encounter a validation error when trying to send out the email. If so, it is for the following reason.
Resolution When an email is sent from a Case (such as via the Send an Email button, Email publisher action, or Auto Response Rule), a task is automatically created for that email. This task will appear under the Activity History related list. When this task is created, validation rules and triggers fire from the task object. If this fails to pass validation, the email is not sent.  This is why you can see the error message in the UI when using the Send an Email button. However, since the Auto Response rule is triggered from the end user submitting their email, they are not actually navigating in the UI when this validation happens. The task will still fail to be created, and the error message will not pop up anywhere.  Because of this, the email will not actually be sent out.

To alleviate this, admins will need to reconstruct their validation rule / trigger logic to exclude tasks created by Emails from throwing the error.

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