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Best Practice: Marketing Cloud - Social Listening to Social Intelligence- Connecting Business Use Cases with Social Metrics

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In today’s social obsessed world, it is easy to get lost in the amount of data that is available to you. Understanding which conversations are important to your company and why is key to launching a successful social listening strategy. This article will walk you through the basic steps of developing a social listening strategy and provide you with examples of common KPIs and use cases for social listening.

Define Your Business Goals/Values

Companies with defined success metrics tied to business values are more likely to be successful with their Social Studio implementation.  This is because when you identify the business value you are anticipating to receive from your investment, you are able to evaluate the performance against measurable objectives.

So how do you define your business goals? What should you be looking for? Key questions to ask yourself as you plan out your social strategy are:

  1. What are my company’s primary business goals for the fiscal year?

  2. How can social media support those goals?

  3. What is the purpose of the investment in social, digital, etc?


Here is a list of some of the more common business goals to help get you thinking:

Business Value Drives- What are your business objective?
RevenueAre you invested in social media and our tools primarily for increasing revenue?
ReachDo you want to increase/improve your brand presence and reach new customers?
ProductDo you want to use social listening to update your product offering, content or future initiatives?
EfficiencyAre you interested in using our tools to increase efficiency within your organization?
Market LeadershipDo you desire to use social media to propel your company to be an industry leader – how can our tools be used to achieve?
Cost SavingsCan the investment in social media result in cost savings in current activities (service, market intelligence?)
EngagementDo you want to cultivate a user community that is highly engaged in the brand?

Chances are, when you purchased our social platform you had a specific use case in mind. Connecting the use case to your overall business goals helps to validate your investment.

Define Business Use Case

Use cases for social listening can vary from highly tactical (ex: campaign tracking) to strategic (ex: Market research). You may have purchased a social platform with one use case in mind, but chances are, there are additional use cases that can help you achieve your business goals and get a greater ROI on your investment with social.

Here is a list of how other companies are using social listening to impact their business processes.

User-added image


Track the Right Success Metrics

So, now comes the fun part. How do you connect social data and metrics to these business objectives? What should you be measuring? What data should you care about? To help guide you through this process we’ve compiled a list of the top measures by Use Case. Note: Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of data you can measure. Start small and choose the metrics that best relate to your business goals and industry.

User-added image
User-added image
User-added image
User-added image

Share Your Wins

A successful strategy is only good if other people know about it. Remember to be proactive – share the readily available metrics with your leadership. Demonstrate to your leadership that you are focused on defining success measures. Proving value can result in additional investment for your business unit. Social Studio lets you instantly pull analytics and makes your monthly & weekly reports readily available. For more information on how to easily build reports check out chapter four and five of the Listen and Analyze on-demand videos.

This article covered the basics of developing an effective social listening strategy -

  1. Define your business goals
  2. Define your Use Case
  3. Track the Right Metrics
  4. Share the Wins
To dive deeper into this topic, check out the article Moving from social listening to social intelligence.

For more resources on how to optimize your social listening strategy, check out our Achieve More with Salesforce: Optimize Social Listening Hub



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