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Salesforce Q&A Migration App Guide

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About this guide

Chatter Questions lets users ask questions directly in the Chatter feed in your Salesforce organization and communities. Because Chatter Questions takes advantage of Chatter’s built-in capabilities, it’s ideal for customers who want their Q&A functionality tightly integrated into Chatter. 

If you maintain a self-service site that uses Chatter Answers, which will retire in Winter '18, you can use the Q&A Migration app to move your Q&A content and structure from a self-service Chatter Answers site to a community with Chatter Questions. Once your content is migrated, users can easily access past questions from your Chatter Answers site while enjoying the robust user experience offered by Chatter Questions.

Note: While this guide focuses on migrating Q&A content from a self-service site to a community, the Q&A Migration app can also be used to migrate content to a Salesforce organization. You’ll follow the same steps, but select your Salesforce organization as the content destination.

This guide explains how to make the most of the Q&A Migration app. You’ll learn how the app works, what you need to do before starting a migration, and how to efficiently migrate your content. Let’s get started!

Download the PDF at the bottom of this article. 

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