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Activating an archived Chatter group in communities which are built using Napili template

Knowledge Article Number 000240495
Description There is no button to activate an archived Chatter group in a community which is built using Napili template. The group is automatically archived due to inactivity for more than 90 days. 
Resolution The archive button isn't availalble in Napili yet. The workaround to resolve this issue is:

Setup --> Chatter --> Groups --> Group Layouts --> Click on Edit next to Group layout. From the fields section in the Edit page layout screen, add the "Archive" checkbox field to the layout as shown in the below screenshot:

User-added image

Post adding this field in the Group page layout. Navigate to Community (built using Napili) and to the archived Chatter group --> Click on drop down and select Edit Group --> Scroll down to the Archive checkbox and de-select it to activate it. 

The same is the approach to archive a Chatter group in Napili community. 

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