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How to show the Copy Billing Address to Shipping Address link when editing Contact or Account records?

Knowledge Article Number 000240508
Description How can I copy Billing Address to Shipping Address link available in Contacts or Accounts when editing records?
Resolution By default this feature is generally available in Account and Contact page layouts, however the section header needs to be shown in order for the link to appear. If the link is missing when editing Account or Contact records, follow the steps below:

          1.Click Setup | Customize | Contacts/Accounts | Page Layouts
          2. Click on Edit on the page layout
          3. Scroll down until you see the "Address Information" section that contains the Billing and Shipping address (Account) or Mailing and other address (Contact) 
          4. Click the wrench icon on the section that contains the address fields to access the section properties
          5. Enable the "Edit Page" checkbox and click OK
          6. Save the Page Layout.

After doing this try editing the Contact/Account record and you will notice that the Copy Billing Address to Shipping Address link is now available.

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