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Advertising Studio - Lead Capture Prerequisites

Knowledge Article Number 000240528
Description The following outlines the prerequisites that is required to successfully create a Lead Capture. 

Resolution Ensure that data extensions in your Marketing Cloud account have been activated.
  • Best way to test that your data extensions are enabled for your account is to create a test data extension within the Email App. 
  • If you already have pre-existing data extensions created.
If you find that your data extensions within your Marketing Cloud account has not be enable, reach out towards your Account Executive and they will be able to assist.​

Administrator level permissions on the Facebook page associated with the lead advertising form.
  • It is required to have an administrator level permission on the Facebook Page. If you do not have this level of access you will need to ask a current admin to grant you permissions within Facebook's Business Manager.
Created a Facebook lead advertising form within Ads Manager.
  • If no lead advertising forms have already been created, they will not populate when creating a lead capture. To create a new lead advertising form, click here
Log out of all Facebook account's prior to accessing Lead Capture.
  • By logging out of all Facebook accounts (even personal ones) it will ensure that the Facebook Ad Account containing your Lead Forms will be pulled in correctly.

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