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Best Practices for the Wave Analytics Integration User

Knowledge Article Number 000240544

Integration User Creation

During enablement, Wave Analytics generates an Integration User, along with an associated license and profile. This user is vital to the functionality of Wave Analytics, as it uses the permissions of the Integration User to extract data from Salesforce objects and fields when a dataflow job runs.

Customizing the Profile

Prior to making changes to the standard Analytics Cloud Integration User Profile, Clone the profile and work in the cloned profile. This is in line with Salesforce Best Practices and will allow for recovery/repair if irreparable issues are encountered with the modification process.


Considerations for Customization

  • Because the Analytics Cloud Integration Profile has View All Data access, consider restricting access to particular objects and fields that contain sensitive data. Removing View All Data will result in query failures.
  • The Analytics Cloud Integration Profile includes a default set of permissions for all of the standard objects available on the platform. Depending on your data needs, Read permission may need to be granted on custom objects.
  • Field-level Security for custom fields will need to be granted through the profile. Step to do this are here.
  • If the dataflow is configured to extract data from an object or field on which the Integration User does not have permission, the dataflow job fails.


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