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Multi-select Picklists in Analytic Snapshots

Knowledge Article Number 000240547

Multi-Select Picklists in Analytics Snapshots


We cannot select a Multi-Picklist to utilize in an Analytical Snapshot because this field can have multiple values selected within it and there is no way for this to function properly within the snapshot.
The only work around is to create a Formula field for every picklist option.
For example if the field is called "School" with the options of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 and you want to see each time one of these options is selected you'll need to create a formula field for each option. The formulas would look like this:
Class 1: IF(INCLUDES(School__c, "Class 1"), "Class 1","NA")
Class 2 : IF(INCLUDES(School__c, "Class 2"), "Class 2","NA")
Class 3 : IF(INCLUDES(School__c, "Class 3"), "Class 3","NA")

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