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ReplyToChatter and EmailToGroup email security protocol checks

Knowledge Article Number 000240599
Description When a user sends a ReplyToChatter or EmailToGroup email, sometimes the email is not processed and does not show up in Salesforce. This could be due to security protocol check failure.

Resolution For security purpose, the above features use enhanced mail authentication for the incoming emails and only allows e-mails that can verify the sender via:

a. The domain owner’s Sender Policy Framework (SPF), or
b. SenderID, or
c. DomainKeys.

For ReplyToChatter:
Salesforce requires that neither SPF nor DomainKeys fail. Neutral/missing is fine.

For EmailToGroup:
Salesforce requires each e-mail passes at least one of the security protocols above and that it does not fail any.

More information on EmailToGroup can be found in the following KB article:

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