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Why modifying the number of partner roles doesn't take any effect on the number of roles displayed when enabling the user?

Knowledge Article Number 000240603
Description We've changed the number of available Roles both in the Community Settings and in the Partner Portal Settings from the default 3 to a new value. In this case we only want two available roles.
However, when we click the "Manage External User" button and select the "Enable Partner User" option in the dropdown the 'Role' dropdown displays three roles as available.

Why does the number of roles display three when we have it configured to display two?
Resolution There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you see this issue:

1. Please keep in mind that certain automation could cause the roles to be generated automatically. For example, if you develop an APEX Trigger that creates a Sharing Rule based on the Executive Role when the Account is activated as a partner you'll be already generating the roles for that Account.
The best way to understand if your APEX development is related to the issue would be to try to reproduce the issue in a Sandbox and, there, disable the automation you have in place. This way you can narrow down what's responsible of the behavior.

2. The other thing to keep in mind is that Portal Roles are created when the first portal user is created under a given account (that's why the first user doesn't have a role drop-down). Roles are created once per account when that first user is created so, even if all the users are moved or the contacts are deleted afterwards from that particular account, the roles are staying as is. 

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