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Is the OmniBox region customizable in a Community?

Knowledge Article Number 000240610
Description There is a region labeled as "Add components to this region (omniBox)" in the Community Builder's Page Editor. However that region isn't customizable and I can't add any components or customize it in any way. Is this expected?

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Resolution This is currently expected and working as designed. The OmniBox area is a reserved space for the Search Box and cannot be customized at the moment. If you need to customize a header you would need to use the Template Header Top region. We are aware of this behavior and, as a feature request for future releases, we're considering if it is possible to turn this area into a customizable one, however, this change isn't confirmed and there's no estimated time for it to be delivered so please always keep in mind what is the current and expected behavior.

Also note that:
- The Search behavior in Communities depends on whether or not Chatter is enabled for your Organization. You can read more about it: Search Behavior in Communities
- If you customize your Communities with an HTML header you'll hide the global search box, you can review this Article to fix it: Add the Global Search Box to Your Customized Community HTML Header.

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