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Add Task from SFO (Salesforce for Outlook) Sidepanel Outlook Publisher Action and set Task Reminder on

Knowledge Article Number 000240624
Description From SFO (Salesforce for Outlook) Sidepanel, We can create a new Task from Outlook Publisher Action and set the reminder on once the task is created from SFO sidepanel

Resolution This can be done by the following steps:

1. Setup > Build > Create > Global Actions > Global Actions > Click New Task action 

2. From Task Action, add the following 2 fields under the Predefined Field Values 

             Field Name                 API Name                      Field Type              Value 
             Reminder Set             IsReminderSet               Checkbox               true 
             Reminder Date/Time  ReminderDateTime        Date/Time              NOW() 

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3. Once the Task is created from Outlook Publisher Actions, you will see the reminder is on.

Note: The reminder fields will not be displayed in the Side Panel, as there is no way to populate them via the user interface. When a new task is created, these fields will be populated and saved with the values assigned to them in the Predefined Field Value setup screen. 

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