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Multiple users receive different results in list views

Knowledge Article Number 000240632
Description If users in your org receive different results when they run the same list view, it's likely due to a difference in permissions

Verify that the user receiving unexpected results has access to each field used in the filters and access to the records you'd expect them to see in the list view.

Also, when a list view is filtered by multiple fields and there is a filter logic applied ("1 AND 2 AND (3 OR 4)" for example) it would either return no results or different results than expected based on the applied filters. If the user with more limited access were to modify or clone the list view, they would receive an error regarding the filter logic.
To view the desired results, users should have at least "Read Only" permissions to all fields used in list view filter logic through Field Level Security. They should also have access to all records that your System Administrator would like the user to see in the list view. 

What to review when users see different results

1. License - Do both users have the same License type?
2. Profile - Do both users have the same Profile?
  • If not, are there differences in the object or field level security for the Object being reported on? Do they both have access to all of the fields used in the filters?
3. Role - Do the users have the same Role?
  • If not, this could cause some records to display for one user and not the other. 
4. Territory - Do the users have the same Territory assignments?
  • If not, this could cause some records to display for one user and not the other. 
5. Sales Teams - If Sales Teams are in use, this could affect what records a user has access to view.
6. Record level Security - One user may have been granted specific access to a single record. 

Note: If your System Administrator doesn't want to grant the end user access to view the fields, the fields should be removed from the list view filters to avoid confusion.

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