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Sandbox Management Subscription End of Sale on August 16, 2016

Knowledge Article Number 000240653

1. What is the change and when is it happening?

As of August 16, 2016, Salesforce will no longer process new or renewal orders for Sandbox Management (Moover). Customers with active subscriptions of the product will need to engage with Prodly directly to renew their subscription at the end of their current subscription term. 

NOTE: There are no changes to the Sandbox Management (Moover) product functionality as a result of this change. Customers should contact Prodly directly for Support-related questions.


2. What date is this taking place?

August 16, 2016


3. What action must I take?

What action do I need to take? 

Work directly with Prodly to continue using Sandbox Management (Moover) upon the expiration of your Salesforce subscription term.

No action is required to provision the product for additional users with your org, as the functionality is already available within your org for any user.  


4. Where can I find additional information?

Contact Prodly at Alternatively, you can contact your Salesforce Account Executive or Customer Success representative. 

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