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Salesforce for Outlook - which version and bitness of Microsoft Outlook do I have?

Knowledge Article Number 000240658

Unlike the .EXE version of the installer, that detects the bitness of your Outlook and installs the application correctly, for the MSI version you need to know the bitness to run the correct file.

When you download the .MSI version of the installer, you get 2 files. So you can choose which file to run based on your installed version of Outlook

- SalesforceForOutlook.msi           (for 32bit Office - or x86 )
- SalesforceForOutlook_x64.msi   (for 64bit Office - or x64 )

How to check the bitness of MS Outlook

Outlook 2007 users

Outlook 2007 runs 32bit. So, if you have Outlook 2007 then use the 32bit

Outlook 2010

Open Outlook 2010 and click on File | Help.
The bitness (32bit or 64bit) will be displayed at the end of the version on the right hand side.
It must be either 32bit or 64bit.


Outlook 2013/2016

Open Outlook and click on File | Office Account | About Office 201x
The bitness (32bit or 64bit) will be displayed on top at the end of the first line.
It must be either 32bit or 64bit.

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