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Improve Article Suggestions on Cases

Knowledge Article Number 000240671
You can choose five case fields used to suggest articles when closing cases.

Search on the Knowledge tab suggests articles based on their content similarity and their links between similar cases. If no articles are linked to similar cases, suggested articles have similar titles as the case or have keywords in common with admin-selected case fields. Suggested articles are available in the Salesforce Console for Service and your portals when viewing existing cases and creating ones.


By default, the Subject field is selected. Choose up to five of the available short text fields that include a description of the issue, the affected product, or the case topic. We recommend choosing short text fields to return more relevant results. Only the first 100 characters of the content from all admin-selected fields are searched. The Description field is always taken into account when suggesting articles for cases and does not count toward the character limit.

Resolution Go to Setup -> Knowledge -> Knowledge Settings -> Knowledge One -> Case Fields Used to Find Suggested Articles

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