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Marketing Cloud: Partner: Enhanced FTP Best Practices

Knowledge Article Number 000240691

This guide of procedural information is intended for Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners who are responsible for setting up, using, and administrating enhanced FTP accounts.

Resolution Note: Prior to the May 2016 release, all administrative actions needed for an enhanced FTP were performed by Marketing Cloud Global Support (MCGS).

Create an Enhanced FTP Account or New User

Depending on the type of configuration required, a new FTP account would need to be created and administered in different ways.

Creating a Single Account FTP (not sharing with any other accounts)

A single account FTP can be created within the Marketing Cloud. Hover over the username in the upper right-hand corner of the application, and then click “Administration” > “Account” > “FTP Accounts”. The following actions can be performed at this screen:
  • Create FTP (by clicking the “Create” button)
  • Change FTP password (under FTP Users, click the dropdown button next to the FTP details, and click “Edit”)
  • Disable a FTP account (under FTP Users, click the dropdown button next to the FTP details, and click “Edit”, then “Disable”)

Creating a Multi-Account FTP

The initial FTP can be created in the same way as described in “Creating a Single Account FTP”. To apply the FTP to multiple accounts, please contact Global Support to complete configuration.

Creating a New User for an Existing FTP

New users can be configured for an existing FTP. Please contact Global Support with your request (including the new user’s permissions to folders).

Configuring SSH Access

If you need to configure SSH for an existing FTP, please contact Global Support with the client’s Public Key.

Note: SSH configured accounts can have an additional user that utilizes a username and password. If this is the case, please contact Global Support for a user to be configured.

Managing FTP Password Security Settings

Default Settings

In the July 2016 release we introduced the ability to self-administer your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) user accounts from within the Marketing Cloud User Interface. That process applied your current user password policy to your FTP accounts.

Each business unit within a Marketing Cloud account uses distinct FTP accounts and security settings. To ensure uninterrupted service‚ change your FTP password before the expiration date for all business units you administer. To view the current expiration date for your FTP users‚ visit FTP Accounts under Account.

NOTE: FTP accounts that have SSH authentication or are extra users (beyond the one available and visible in the account) are excluded from this policy at this time (subject to change).

Excluding FTP Accounts from Default Password Policy

You can exclude your FTP users from the regular password policy. However‚ this setting does not comply with security best practices. Please consider the risk before opting for this setting. You can enable this setting under Security Settings in Administration.

Administrating Older Accounts (Created Prior to May 2016)

Password Changes
  • Single Account FTP: This can now be changed in the Marketing Cloud. Please refer to “Creating a Single Account FTP”.
  • User Does Not Exist in Account: Please contact Global Support.
  • Multi-Account FTP: If you are uncertain if an FTP is shared with another account, please contact Global Support prior to performing any changes to the password

Need the Password for an Older Account?: Please contact Global Support.
Need to Create a New User/Configure SSH?: Please contact Global Support with the client’s Public Key.

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