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Marketing Cloud: Partner: Commonly Requested Paid Marketing Cloud Applications

Knowledge Article Number 000240692
Description Learn about commonly requested Salesforce Marketing Cloud applications that entail a cost. If this functionality is requested for an account that does not have it (and this functionality is not included on a contract), Marketing Cloud Global Support will be happy to either a) reach out to your Partner Account Manager on your behalf, or b) provide your Partner Account Manager’s information to you.
Resolution Some commonly requested paid functionality are as follows:

Marketing Cloud Platform Applications
  • Automation Studio/Programs
  • Journey Builder*
  • Predictive Email/Web*
  • Personalization Builder*
  • Discover
  • Distributed Sending*
  • GroupConnect
  • MobileConnect
  • MobilePush
  • Audience Builder*
  • Social Studio
  • CloudPages
  • Landing Pages/Microsites

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector
  • MSCRM Connector
  • Webtrends Behavioral Remarketing Integration*

  • Adobe Genesis Analytics*

*May require a services engagement.

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