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Revert my Financial Service Cloud Package to Standard

Knowledge Article Number 000240693
Description I added certain fields to the page layout prior to purchasing the Financial Services Cloud (FSC) and have implemented FSC into an existing org. I would like to have all modified fields removed from my Financial Service Cloud page layouts and for it to be reverted back to out of the box standard Financial Service Cloud.  
Resolution There is no current way to reset the Financial Service Cloud install to standard "out of the box" when installed in a existing org, but a work around is that you could sign up a Developer Edition org and install the package there. Then compare page layouts to see the difference for the problematic pages. Then re-configure the layouts to match.
* You will need assistance from your Accounts team to ensure you have a FSC access within the demo org

Note: It is highly recommended that the Financial Service Cloud package be installed within a new org and not a org with already implemented process and fields.

Note: Do not Uninstall and Re-Install your package, as this will cause discrepancies within your organization. 

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