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What is the Premier Administrator user?

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1) What is the Premier Administrator user?
The user is part of the new Premier+ Admin Courtesy License feature. The feature was intended to replace the 2 Courtesy licenses used by the Configuration Services team to login to customer orgs and complete admin requests.

However, due to a functional limitation with the new Courtesy license, we have reverted to the previous process of using the 2 pre-exisiting courtesy licenses.

The Premier Administrator user was automatically added to orgs with a Premier+ Success plan. The user was created active by default, and as is the functionality with other user records, it cannot be deleted. 

The naming conventions for this user follow. Note that while the email and username are not editable, other fields can be changed. 

  • Email address: premiersfdc@<orgid>+3char.ext
  • Username: premiersfdc@<orgid>+3char.ext
  • First name: Premier
  • Last name: Administrator
  • Alias: pradm

2) When was the user created in my org?
The Premier Administrator user was rolled out to Premier+ Success customer orgs the week of June 20th, 2016.

3) What other functionality was included in the reverted Premier+Admin Courtesy License feature?

a) A new Profile and User License type which, as is the functionality with other standard Profiles, cannot be deleted. 
Profile name: Premier Support User
User License type: Premier Support

b) A new option in the Login Access Policies. The option was disabled by default, and would only be enabled if a System Administrator has enabled it. The click path is below: 

  1. ​Go to Setup
  2. ​Click Administer
  3. Click Security Controls > Login Access Policies
  4. Checkbox “Allow Premier Support to Log in”.
4) What happens to the reverted Premier+ Success Courtesy License feature?
The Premier Administrator user associated to the new courtesy license will be deactivated. The Premier Administrator user,  Premier Support User Profile, and Premier Support User License type will remain in orgs, unused until Salesforce is ready to re-release the feature.

5) What is the current Courtesy License process?
For information on the current courtesy license process, and instructions on how to set up the licenses, see this article Set up your 2 Courtesy Licenses.


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