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Assign the Log a Call Quick Action to a Record Type for Lightning Voice

Knowledge Article Number 000240766

Users may not have access to the LogACall quick action if it’s assigned to a record type that isn’t available to them. Quick actions are assigned the Master record type by default, and this record type isn’t available to most profiles.

For more information, see Quick Actions and Record Types and How is record type access specified in the Salesforce Help.

Assign the LogACall quick action to a different record type to allow your users to log calls.
1. From Setup, enter Global Actions in the Quick Find box, then select Global Actions.

2. Click Edit for the LogACall action.

Note: Don’t change the name or delete the LogACall action. If the action is renamed or deleted, you'll need to re-create the action with the name LogACall.

3. In the Record Type dropdown, select a record type that your users have access to.

4. Click Save.

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