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Winter '17 Updates to Translated Terminology

Knowledge Article Number 000240772
Description With Winter ’17, we’ve updated some terminology, including tab and field names, for our Croatian, Finnish, French, German, and Turkish language users.

For each term, we provide the English version, along with the corresponding previous and new translation. Please click on the attachment below to view the full list of updated terms for each language. For more information on the list of languages that Salesforce supports, please refer to "What Languages does Salesforce support?" in the Salesforce online help.

These terminology changes will be rolled out to all of organizations with the Winter ’17 release. If your organization would like to keep the current standard tab and field labels, system administrators can explore options to change the name back using our "Rename Tabs and Labels" functionality. For more information, see “Renaming Tab and Field Labels” in the Salesforce online help.

For further information on renaming fields please refer to the following help topics:

If you have further questions, please reach out to Customer Support by logging a case via your Help & Training portal.


The customizations should not be impacted by the changes, just the base values will change with the release.

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Winter '17 Terminology Updates.xlsx

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