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How to show Activity Name field on Reports for Accounts without Contacts

Knowledge Article Number 000240774
Description Report which displays All Activities for Accounts without a Contact associated using Activity Name field.
Resolution As per Standard Report Type on Activities with Accounts, you will not be able to view Activity Name field.

There is as workaround, Please find the below steps:

1.Create a Custom Report Type on Accounts object:

       a. Click Setup | Create | Report Types | New Custom report Type | 
       b. Primary Object | Accounts
       c. Add all required Fields.
       d. Deployment Status : Deployed
       e. Click Next
       f. Select Object: Activities
       g. Select: Each "A" record must have at least one related "B" record.
       h. Click Save.
2.Create a New Report using the above (Created) Custom Report Type.

      a. Add the Activity Name and other fields and set the Date range as per the requirement.
      b. Add a Filter on the report which states as below : (Under Activities you will find the field)
                      Name: Name EQUALS ""
      c. Click Run Report and Save.

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