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Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 3.79 Push Upgrade Deprecated and Deleted fields Bug

Knowledge Article Number 000240777
Description This article describes the recent issue with the latest the push release of NPSP 3.79 where older rollup fields were deprecated and deleted from the package, however they were still visible to 3rd party apps through the API which led to the errors experienced. Please make sure that if you are having these issues that you are on NPSP version 3.79. How can you tell what version you are on? Click on the link below:

Resolution In the recent upgrade to the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 3.79, there are some fields that have been deprecated and deleted from the base package which means that you can now delete them in your instance. To do this you will need to run a script error that our NPSP Developers have created that will remove the deprecated and deleted fields for you that are an issue. These again are old fields that contained only summary data at best. However, PLEASE back up your data before running this (particularly Contact and Account). After you have backed up your data do the following:

1.) Log into your instance of Salesforce and click here or on the link below:

2.) Connect to your org and it will then run through the process to clean up those fields. When complete go to: Setup | Build | Customize | Contacts | Fields

3.) Scroll to the bottom and you will see "Deleted Fields". Click there and erase the fields.

4.) Next go to: Setup | Build | Customize | Accounts | Fields

5.) Scroll to the bottom and you will see "Deleted Fields". Click there and erase the fields.

If the above does not work and you are an Experienced Administrator or Developer for your organization and you are having an error in an application due to the presence of these fields, here is how you can remove them which should resolve any issues. These were legacy Rollup Summary fields and are no longer needed or used by NPSP, so you should not need to worry about losing any data. Those fields are:

LabelAPI Name
First Donation Datenpe01_FirstDonationDate__c
Last Donation Datenpe01_LastDonationDate__c
Lifetime Donation History Amountnpe01_LifetimeDonationHistory_Amount__c
Lifetime Donation History Numbernpe01_LifetimeDonationHistory_Number__c
LabelAPI Name
Last Donation DateLast_Donation_Date__c
Lifetime Transaction TotalLifetime_Giving_History_Amount__c
-SYSTEM:IsIndividual - DEPRECATEDSystemIsIndividual__c
1.) Delete the field by navigating to: Setup | Build | Customize | (Accounts or Contacts) | Fields

2.) Click on Del to the left of the field name (for the names seen in the tables above.

3.) In the box that pops up, confirm that you want to delete the field and click Delete.

4.) After you have deleted the fields, you need to permanently delete them or they will still be accessible to 3rd party applications. Scroll to the bottom of the field list and click on Deleted Fields (N) where (N) is the number of fields you have deleted

5.)Click Erase and confirm that you want to complete erase of the field/s.


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