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Relationships and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

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Description This article describes the overview of relationships and how to create, edit, and view relationships within the Nonprofit Success Pack version 3.0. If you are not certain which version you are on click below:



In life people have relationships with one another. In the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) you can keep track of these relationships and visualize who is connected to whom - and how. Using the Relationships functionality, you can create relationships between contacts within the same Household, between different Households, or to Contacts at other Organizations. Relationships are different from Affiliations, which connect Contacts with Organizations. 

When you create these connections, you can also define the type of relationship (Friend, Family, Mother, Daughter, and so on), and the relationship status (Current, Former). Whenever you create a Relationship in the Nonprofit Success Pack, the NPSP automatically creates a “reciprocal relationship,” which reflects this same relationship in the other direction. For example, if you create a relationship from Tom’s Contact record, and specify Sandy as his wife, Sandy’s Contact record will also reflect that she has a husband, Tom. The NPSP does this to ensure that relationship types are accurate, no matter where you’re viewing them from.

To learn more about how to Create, Edit, and View Relationships click here or on the link below:

Relationship behavior in the Nonprofit Success Pack is controlled by your Relationships Settings. To learn more about these settings and the adjustments you can make to them. For more about this see Manage Relationships Settings.


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