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Lowe's Facebook Leads Email

Knowledge Article Number 000240802
Description Lowe's Facebook Leads Email is an email step inside of a Journey in the Lowe's marketing BU.  If the link to Facebook breaks then the journey will continue working however new subscribers will not be added to the email step causing the email to send to 0 subscribers.  

This monitor checks for 3 consecutive sends to 0 subscribers.  If the alert is triggered please do the following:

(1) Create a case under the contact Ron Hassay

(2) Email, an email using the below template
************************Begin Template*******************************
Hello Team,
The 20160505_Facebook_InstallRequest has had 3 consecutive sends to 0 subscribers.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if further assistance is needed from support.
Thank you
************************End Template*********************************

(3) Acknowledge the Nagios Alert.

(4) Wait for the Lowe's team to respond letting you know there is not an issue before closing the case.


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