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Exporting Historical Trending Reports

Knowledge Article Number 000240808
Description With the Standard behaviour in Salesforce, we would not be able to export a report to an Excel sheet using the Export Details button as this is one of the limitations with Historical Trending Reports. Hence, we can use the Printable View button to export the report as a workaround. 
Resolution Please check the following actions to be performed to export the report to an Excel Sheet. 

1. Open the report that is run on Opportunity Historical Trending.
2. When one opens the report screen, we would not find the Export Details button. However, one would see the Printable View button. 
3. Clicking on this button would export all the details to the Excel sheet with the same layout in the report including all the Summary levels and the grouping. 


Using Printable View we would be able to export only the first 2000 records. For more than 2000 records we can use Filters or Date Range accordingly.

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