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Users cannot perform nested create new actions in Lightning Experience UI

Knowledge Article Number 000240817
Description In LEX UI, users cannot perform nested create new actions using the '+ New record' option. 

Consider the following Scenario: 

- We have a Object A for which we have two record types enabled Record Type 1 and Record Type 2 and  we override the New page layout with a simple VF page. If In object A we have a lookup to Object B, It shows up in related list section of object.

- In lightning experience and  go to object A view page, in the related section of object A we find object B. If we try to create a new record of object B , we notice that Object A record will be auto-populated , remove the record  of object A , try to create a new record using the '+ New Record ', we get the record selection page of object A, cancel it and page goes back to the view page of object A record. This is expected behavior.

- Now when we go to any object, go to related section of object and try to create a new record we wont find the '+ New Record' option

Resolution - This behavior is expected, the ability to do nested create operation using '+ New Record' option is not possible as it is unclear to the user that its a nested action

- To resolve the issue , please refresh the page 

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