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Complete listing of possible duplicate records does not display on duplicate rule alert when using Fuzzy Match versus Exact Match

Knowledge Article Number 000240832
Description When creating a Matching Rule in Duplicate management with the example criteria not all records that are a match for the criteria display on the alert when creating a new or updating an existing record:

e.g. (AddressBillingStreet=Fuzzy AND AddressBillingState=Exact)

Resolution This is due to a limitation of the Fuzzy matching system where it will first take the top 100 Candidate records for that object that the system "Thinks" might be a match. Once the records are selected they are then fully evaluated to see if any within the group are a match based on the criteria. The records that then meet the necessary threshold will then be listed on the Duplicate Rule alert that displays when attempting to save. If you change the algorithm for the selected field to Exact it will display all records that meet the criteria and are a match.

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