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How to use default Lead Source Picklist values while creating a New Opportunity from Contact object?

Knowledge Article Number 000240876
Description When the user selects the Contact under the Account record and creates a new Opportunity, the Lead Source picklist field will auto populate with the same value which mirrors the Contact Lead sSource instead of selecting default Lead Source value. 

1. Click on a Contact record.
2. Go to the Opportunities Related List
3. Click on New Opportunity
4. It'll show the Lead Source for Opportunity same as the Contact Lead Source.

Resolution If you have to overcome this behavior then below are the workarounds.

1. Create the Opportunity from another location (e.g. from the Account, directly using the Opportunity tab, etc) 
2. Create a Custom Button to create a new Opportunity as desired, and replace the Standard Button on the Contact Layout(s) with that custom button. 
3. Ensure that the Contact: Lead Source field is blank so there is no value to pre populate into the Opportunity Lead Source.

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