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Wave Templated App Creation Troubleshooting

Knowledge Article Number 000240893

Wave Apps are created with the following flow:

1. Run App creation wizard.
2. Placeholder datasets and dashboards are created.
3. Dataflow is generated and run.
4. Extended Metadata (XMD) is applied to populated datasets.
5. Finishing touches are applied.
If the dataflow fails, the app creation process will not complete successfully. The impact of this may manifest as dashboard errors, format issues in displayed data, or other unexpected behavior.

Troubleshooting dataflow failures

User-added image Do not modify the dataflow definition prior the first successful run. This will prevent the app creation from finalizing. Feel free to customize the dataflow after the stock version has run at least once.

Failure due to App configuration

The dataflow can fail if a part of the configuration is incorrect. As examples: this could be a field reference (if a custom field is used instead) or if Products aren't used (but the option is set to "yes").

If the dataflow failure can be corrected by changing an answer or selection in the app wizard, perform one of the following actions.
  • Delete the App and create an entirely new version of the App.
  • Reset the App and choose different answers, as appropriate.

Failure due to Org configuration

If the dataflow failure can be corrected by changing the org configuration (for example, field visibility, user roles, or running replication dataflow), follow these steps:
1. Correct the org configuration
2. Manually start the dataflow through the Data Monitor
3. Once the dataflow completes, click "Reset" in the App
4. Do not change any of the options in the wizard. Complete the reset process.
Upon completion of the reset, the app creation process should be successful.

Further Troubleshooting

If recreating or resetting the app does not resolve the situation, please contact Salesforce Support for additional troubleshooting.


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