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"This record was modified by Your-Own-User during your edit session" message in Lightning Experience

Knowledge Article Number 000240899
Description When using Sales Path to update Stages in an Opportunity or Status on a Lead record and then make an inline edit, the following message displays:

"Review the following errors.
  • This record was modified by Your-Own-User during your edit session. Make a note of the data you entered, then reload the record and enter your updates again".

Why am I receiving this error?
Resolution Collision detection errors are designed to prevent undesired overrides in the data on your records. This prevention mechanism exists both in the classic Aloha interface and in Lightning Experience, however, there's a chance that you may trigger that mechanism with your own user in LEX due to the existence of Sales Path.

Sales Path is a feature that uses a Page Layout that is independent from the Record Detail's Page Layout. Due to this, collision detection errors may occur if you modify the record twice, in two different ways. For example: If you change the Opportunity Stage using the Sales Path and then, in the same page you use Inline Editing to change some other values, like the Amount, the "This record was modified by..." yourself error message will appear. 

In order to avoid this situation please try to use Sales Path when the Opportunity/Lead record just needs to change its Stage/Status and use Inline Editing when you need to do a change to that field and others (e.g. Amount) in one go. If you have already seen the error message the only option would be to make a note of the data that you modified and reload the records to enter it again, as the error message says.

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