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Lightning for Outlook Debug Tool

Knowledge Article Number 000240918

When getting errors while loading Lightning for Outlook cards in Outlook in the Outlook Web app or another version of Outlook,, a good place to start debugging is by validating the settings in Salesforce for Lighting for Outlook, like the Metadata URL.  Other areas to check would be Exchange security and configuration. An  Administrator or user in your Exchange environment can load the Salesforce LFO Test app and get a trace of some potential areas to check.

The app will bring back your personal or other metadata URL, check connectivity with the Exchange Web Services endpoint, ascertain the user ID in Exchange, check the ability of the app to access the users mailbox items and also retrieve the needed security token.  If errors are seen note the errors and check with your Exchange administrator to ensure Salesforce can access some of the endpoints show in the app.

Installation of debug tool

1. Log in to the Exchange Admin Center
2. Navigate to Organization | Add-ins | click the plus sign.
3. Click Add from URL and enter the URL

User-added image

4. Once installed edit the "Salesforce LFO Test" and adjust the permissions for users as needed.

User-added image

5. In Outlook or OWA select an email and also select the Salesforce LFO Test app to generate the debugging information.

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