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Adding Omni-Channel Supervisor (beta) to Console App

Knowledge Article Number 000246676
Description With the new Omni-Channel Supervisor panel, you can get real-time operational intelligence for your support centers. With Omni, you can send work to your agents, manage priorities, capacities, and availability so that agents receive work – rather than having to pull it from queues.
Resolution To enable this for your Supervisors, you will need to take the following steps: 
  1. Change the Visibility of the Omni Supervisor (beta) tab on the desired User's Profile. It is default to Hidden, so make it Default On or Default Off
  2. Add the Omni Supervisor (beta) tab to your Navigation tabs on the desired Console App

Omni-Channel Supervisor tab is not added in console and/or not set as "Default On" in profile it will throw an error "Omni-Channel is currently unavailable."

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