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Draft Kings Mobile Push SQL Queries

Knowledge Article Number 000247036
Description The queries in this article can be used to determine if a mobile push sent by Draft Kings has errored
Resolution 1. Run the query below and insert the name of the push message to get the pushmessageid :

select * from c7001002._pushmessage with (nolock)

where name = 'insert name of push message'
--get pushmessageid

2. Run the query below to see how many messages were sent using the pushmessageid you located above. Each row we get back equals to one message sent as a part of the job. If we get 100k rows that means 100K messages were sent as a part of this push :

select * from c7001002._pushmessagetracking with (nolock)

where pushmessageid = X --insert pushmessageid
--get the pushjobid

3. Run the query below using the pushmessageid located in step 1.  Verify the pushjobid in the results match the pushjobid you found in step 2 :

select * from pushjob with (nolock)

where mid = 7001002

and pushmessageid = X  --insert pushmessageid
*****--Note the JobStatus column as this will tell us if the pushjob has started, finished, or errored****


New = 0,

Started = 1,

Finished = 2,

Error = 3,

Queuing = 4,

Purging = 5

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