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Newer versions of dependent packages are showing as required

Knowledge Article Number 000247039
Description When attempting to install an extension package into an org with a base package(s) already installed, the installer may present a message indicating that newer versions of the dependent packages are required. This may occur even though the updated package does not directly reference the newer base package versions. 
Resolution This is the expected behavior in the relationship between extension packages and the base packages upon which they depend.

In addition to requiring that the base package be installed in an organization, a given version of the extension package will have, as a minimum dependency, the version of the base package(s) that were installed in the development organization for the extension package at the time that the extension was uploaded. 

Once the base package has been installed in the packaging org, this dependency is created. Any install of the package in question after that date will automatically require these versions as dependencies when the extension package is installed into any subscriber org.

There are two methods of addressing this dependency:
1. Development Org: Developers of base and extension packages may avoid this dependency by not upgrading the package version of the base in the development organization.

2. Subscriber Org: Once this dependency exists, the only way to install the newer extension version in a subscriber org, is to upgrade the base packages in that org to the minimum version required by the extension.

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