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Find the Stack Where Account is Located

Knowledge Article Number 000247045
Description You may, at some point in time, find the need to obtain the numeric value for the stack of servers that your SFMC account is on. This, in order to learn the current health status of the server for your account, properly configure a Web Collect URL, obtain the appropriate URL endpoint for use with Web Services API, etc.

This article details two processes that you can follow in order to find this information for your particular instance of the Marketing Cloud application.
Resolution There are two different ways in which you can identify the stack of servers (a number between 1 and 8) where your Marketing Cloud account resides:

1.) The URL-  Once you have logged into the Marketing Cloud application, your URL should appear as such, depending on your stack:
  • Stack 1:
  • Stack 4:
  • Stack 6:
  • Stack 7:
  • Stack 8:

Note: Most of the URLs above include 's' followed by the numeric value of the stack, the exception being stack 1 which does not include an 's' or number within the link.

2.) Marketing Cloud Trust Site

You can enter in your account number on the initial page of the trust site in the 'Enter your MID' field and press 'Go.' Once you do this, the stack your account is on will be returned with a status bar for the current health of the stack of servers.  

This site can be located at the following URL: Once this information is obtained, you may also sign up for health notifications to made aware any time that there is a known issue occurring on your stack of servers.

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