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Enrolling in the Feedback Loop

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QQ FBL Setup Instructions & FAQ

How to Enroll in FBL


  • A working Postmaster address for your registered domain – ex. (SFMC handles this for you when you're registering an SAP or Private Domain).
  • An updated PTR record that includes all IPs used for your mailing domain. These IPs are auto-populated and not manually entered during the sign up process. The envelope-from domain and the rDNS domain for the IP must be the same, with no subdomain matching allowed (SFMC handles this for you when you're registering an SAP or Private Domain).
  • QQ Login ID (Chinese only ) -
  • A working email address to accept ARF messages. QQ predetermines this address as “” where “” is the domain in which you are trying to set up the FBL at QQ (SFMC handles this for you when you're registering an SAP or Private Domain).

Step 1:

Visit “QQ’s Open Platform System” (QQ) - - and select “Log in” at the upper right corner.

Step 2:

Log in using a QQ user ID (which is either an alias or a number sequence +

Step 3:

After logging in successfully, you should be brought back to the main screen. Select the image on the far right meaning “Feedback Report”, then select the button for “Enter the Feedback Service”.

Step 4:

Next, click “Add an Administrator” and enter contact information for the FBL setup including company name, contact person, phone and email address. Note that the phone number text box is configured only for Chinese phone numbers. Instead, use the first box as the area code and the second box as the rest of the number (ex. 800-5555555). The third box can be used for extension information. Confirm by clicking “Save”.

Step 5:

Finally, add in the domain you wish to register and click “Submit”, this should be the bounce. version of your SAP domain here at Salesforce Marketing Cloud (e.g.

Step 6:

After you have clicked “Submit”, submit a ticket to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Help & Training portal asking them to confirm your domain submission (Please provide your MID/account number and the domain in question).

Step 7:

The yellow “-” sign indicates that the domain has not been confirmed. You can click the “resend verification email” listed on the same line as the domain to resend the confirmation link if needed. Once the domain has a green checkmark, the FBL submission has been confirmed.

Step 8:

On the main page, you can continue to add domains and also see the current status for already registered domains, including # of feedback messages sent.


How to Register Your Domain (similar to SNDS and Google Postmaster Tools)

Once your domain is confirmed, you'll be able to enroll in the QQ monitoring services program.

Step 1:

After logging in to, choose the 'His Domain Interworking' (他域互通) icon.

Step 2:

Select the 'Start Using' (开始使用) icon.

Step 3:

Click the green plus (+) icon to add your domains and the IPs connected to them.

Step 4:

The '发信域名' field is your domain and the 'IP' field is the coordinating sending IP.

Step 5: 

Select the blue 'Add' icon to submit.

*Note* An IP can only be associated with a single domain.


FAQ (Source:

What is needed to apply to the spam feedback system?

1.  IP addresses with an rDNS record that points to the domains in your application.

2.  A working postmaster@ address at the domain registered in the application that can accept a confirmation message.

3.  A working mailforfeedback@ address at the domain registered in the application that can accept feedback messages normally. For example: if the domain you registered is, and your IP address is, the DNS record for    would have the below record: 86400 IN        PTR      and can normally receive messages.



How can I receive feedback messages?

Once a QQMail user reports a message from your domain, our system will send header information in ARF format as an attachment using the address, sending to


What data does the feedback message contain?

1. Includes full header information of the message

2. Aside from this, as a convenience for the mail administrator to automatically handle complaints, we will add the below fields:

     a. Original-Mail-From showing the sender that was complained about. 

     b. Original-Rcpt-To – showing the person that complained


My application went through but why am I not receiving any messages?

Below are a few reasons why you may not be receiving the complaint messages:

1. The system currently has not seen any users complain about messages sent from any of your domains.

2.   The system does not show any inbound IPs that have a PTR record that matches the domains listed in your application.

3. The account used to accept complaints is not working properly or is blocking feedback messages for other reasons. To ensure that that messages are not blocked by your spam filter, we recommend adding to your whitelist.


Why can’t I choose the confirmation address and address to accept feedback?

In order to guarantee that the applicant owns the domain, we do not support self-designated confirmation addresses and addresses used to process feedback messages at this time.

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