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Why Can’t I Find an Asset or Entitlement via the Lookup Field in a Case Record?

Knowledge Article Number 000247052

Available in: Salesforce Classic.

Users can relate assets or entitlements to a case via a lookup field. If your users are having trouble finding the right asset or entitlement using the lookup field, try these tips.




1. Check Your Settings. Two types of settings might be restricting the results returned.:

a. Entitlement Settings: The more lookup filters you select, the more it restricts results returned. Verify that the asset and entitlement lookup filter settings on the Entitlement Settings page are correct.

b. Asset Sharing Rules: Asset sharing rules can be based on the record owner or on other criteria, including record type and certain field values. Verify that the rules are correct.

2. Understand How Lookup Searches work. Lookups for Assets and Entitlements are both standard lookups. For Asset, only the Asset Name and Serial Number is searchable. For Entitlement, only the Name field is searchable. Most standard lookups return up to 200 of the most relevant records and allow you to page through 50 records at a time. Results are ordered in alphabetical order by the primary record name field. You can’t sort, filter, or customize the columns in the search results.

3. Retry the Search with a Different Term. Check your spelling and that you entered the full search term. Or, try entering a more specific search term, which can return fewer and more relevant results.

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