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Live Agent Chats not creating Agent Work records when using Omni-Channel

Knowledge Article Number 000247059


For the Agent Work record to be created when a Live Agent chat is routed, it must be routed via Omni-Channel. This means that if your button is a standard Live Agent Button this won't work and Agent Work records won't be created. Read our documentation for more about Fields for Agent Work Records.


Configure Live Agent button to create Agent Work records

1. Click Setup.
2. In the "Quick Find" field, enter Chat Buttons & Invitations.
3. Click Chat Buttons & Invitations.
4. Check that the "Routing Type" on your button is set to: Omni.
5. Associate it with a Live Chat Transcript Queue that is associated to an Omni-Channel Routing Configuration.

Configuring the button like this means that your Live Agent Chats are routed through Omni and, because of that, you'll be able to use the extended functionality mentioned above and obtain real-time information from the Work Agent records.

Read our documentation to learn more about Omni-Channel Routing.

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