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Configuring Chrome v53 and Newer

Knowledge Article Number 000247079
Description With the recent change as of September 2016, Chrome Version 53, of Google Chrome settings to block certain Flash content, it is necessary to modify the Settings in Chrome to Allow Flash content for pages. Please follow the steps below to accomplish this:

     1. Click Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings...
     2. Click on 'Content Settings' under the 'Privacy' section
     3. Click on 'Manage exceptions...' under the 'Plugins' section
     4. Add the following sites as Allow:
         Note: if you have MyDomain enabled, you will also need to add the following
     5. Click Done in both windows and close the Settings window, then restart the browser

Plugin Settings

Some symptoms that have been reported as a cause of this being disabled include:

- The List View page does not load completely with a 'Loading...' message on the screen:

Loading Issue

- Related Lists never load and the red Loading spinner icon spins indefinitely:

RL Issue

- Service Console UI loads incorrectly with Record Details and List View all loading on the same page

For more information on this change from Google, please see the following post:

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