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Payments option missing in Opportunities in the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 3.0

Knowledge Article Number 000247084
Description An organization is using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 3.0 and wants add the Payments related Object to the Opportunity Record yet it appears to be missing. This article explains how to add this feature (including the buttons for "Schedule Payments" and "Write Off Payments). The payments option is only available for organizations who have installed the latest version of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 3.0. If you are not certain if you have it installed in your organization or what version you have you can click here or below for help.

Resolution Payments

Payments allow you to split a donation over a fixed period of time (a year, for example), and let you track the current and future payment amounts. This is particularly helpful when your donor households and organizations set up a multiple payout schedule for their donations or grants. In NPSP 3.0 and later, all opportunities save new donations as payments by default, even single donations (i.e. donations paid in a “lump sum”). When you create a new opportunity and set the Stage field to Posted, Salesforce creates a payment for the full donation amount and records the donation as “paid in full”. If you want, you can override this behavior by selecting the Do Not Automatically Create Payment checkbox when you create the opportunity.

If you have gone into a Donation record and noticed that the Payment feature is missing from the Donation (Opportunity) Record layout you can add it. Here's how:

1.) Log into your instance of Salesforce and click up in the upper right hand of the screen on "Setup"
2.) Next go to the click path: Build | Opportunities | Page Layouts
3.) Click on "Edit" next the page layout you want to add Payments to (in general this will be "Donations")
4.) On the next screen you will see a top bar, there you will need to click on "Related Lists" and then find the "Payments" button off to the right (as seen below)

add payments related list to NPSP 3.0 opportunities record

5.) To add "Payments" click on and drag "Payments" down to the Related Lists where you want.
6.) to add the correct buttons you will next need to click on the small wrench (to the right of "Payments", and in the bay scroll down until you see the options "Buttons".
7.) Click on the "+" to far right of "Buttons", in the list "Available Buttons" click on each option, and then in the middle click on the ">" button to add the select buttons. After this click "Ok"

payments buttons

8.) Scroll up to the top of the page and click on "Save".


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