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Duplicate rules are not firing based on the Standard Matching rule (Account Name and ZIP)

Knowledge Article Number 000247089
Description You may have noticed that the Standard Matching Rule in accounts is not firing for some accounts when the Account Name and the Zip Postal Code are the same. 

2 accounts with the details below won't be detected as duplicates: 
Account Name: Acme
Zip Postal Code: WT15 7TB

The same will happen with 2 accounts with the details:
Account Name: AW Computing
Zip Postal Code: M30 2WZ

Resolution 2 accounts with the same Account Name and the same Zip Postal Code where the postal code contains alphanumeric characters won't be detected as duplicated.

This is the standard behavior since the Standard Account Matching Rule use fuzzy matching methods and we only support US zip codes for fuzzy match.

If you’re using international data, we recommend using a custom matching rule with Exact matching method. Create or Edit Custom Matching Rules

You can find this and more information in Considerations for Using Duplicate Management.

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